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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about getting an RV inspected and common repairs & maintenance for your RV.

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RV Inspection FAQ's

RV inspections are similar to home inspections.  However, they are much more comprehensive and time consuming.  Some RV inspections can take up to 8-10 hours to complete, whereas a home inspection takes approximately 4 hours.    

RV inspections evaluate the systems, structure and safety. They can be performed on all classes of RV’s. 

Detailed reports are given that include photos and are delivered within a 24-hour period. This pertinent information enables potential owners to make informed decisions on their purchase.

Level 1 = completed the basic training course. Level 1 Inspectors are qualified to perform basic inspections, such as, bank/insurance required inspections requested by warranty companies.  
Level 2 = completed the Advanced Training Course.  Level 2 Inspectors are qualified to perform all Level 1 types and more thorough inspections (similar to a home inspection) for customers who are looking to purchase / sell an RV.   They can also perform Fluid Analysis testing. 
Hiring a Level 2 Inspector (Advanced Certified Inspector) will allow you to feel more confident in the inspectors skills and ability.  

The inspection we perform provides detailed information about the current operating condition of the RV you are thinking of purchasing. 

If everything is working and in good operating condition, the report will provide confirmation that what the seller said and what you thought to be true is true. 

However, in the case where components are not working, degraded or damaged, the report lets you, the purchaser, know the true condition of the RV before the purchase is consummated.

For individuals looking to purchase an RV from a private seller or a dealership, an RV inspection provides them with the peace of mind that the coach is in good working condition before they buy it. Should any pre-existing conditions be found during the course of the inspection, customers have the option of choosing not to purchase that specific RV, or to request that the repairs be made prior to taking delivery of the RV.

Additionally, many RV owners who are looking to sell their current units will have the inspection performed so they are able to provide prospective buyers with a guarantee that their coach is in excellent condition. This can greatly raise the value of your RV for sale. 

Lastly, most reputable RV Warranty providers will require that a vehicle be fully inspected prior to offering coverage on that coach, which is another popular reason for securing a RV Inspection.

The National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association (NRVIA) is a membership organization providing certification and credentials for professional recreational vehicle inspectors across North America.

NRVIA’s mission is to provide credibility through the testing and awarding of credentials to qualified inspectors.  NRVIA Inspector members are required to follow specific Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics that will ensure the consumer will receive an inspection of the highest quality and caliber.

When the consumer hires and NRVIA Certified Inspector, they can be assured they will be receiving a professional, standardized, and through inspection of their RV equipment.

The primary goal of an RV Inspector is to conduct a thorough comprehensive unbiased inspection of your RV.  An NRVIA Certified RV Inspector cannot make any repairs to an RV they have previously inspected for a minimum of 12 months following the inspection.  A repair shop’s goal is to obtain repair work.  In some cases, it may be more difficult for an RV Repairman to perform a completely unbiased inspection when they could potentially gain additional income from needed repairs.

Each RV Inspection differs and it depends on the type of RV and the level of inspection requested. Inspections can take anywhere from 4-10 hours to complete.  We work until the inspection is done and all inspection points have been reviewed.

An inspector’s duty is to provide accurate information to you so you can have the knowledge to make an informed decision.

It is not a requirement for you to be present during the inspection.

  1. Locate the RV you’d like to purchase.
  2. Notify the dealer or seller that you would like to have the RV inspected by a Certified RV Inspector.  
  3. Contact us and provide us with the following information:
  • Year, make and model of RV
  • If it’s a motorhome, is it gas or diesel
  • Location of RV and if it’s a private seller or dealership
  • Provide us with the package you’d like to purchase
  • Let us know if you’d like to purchase any Fluid Analysis tests
  1. We will send you a Client Agreement that will require a signature before the inspection can be scheduled and an invoice so you can pay online.
  2. Next, we’ll schedule your RV inspection and let you know how long it will take based on the package you purchased

To ensure we can provide you the best inspection possible, we ask that you guarantee access to the RV and provide full hook-up service to the RV, including the following:

  • Running Water
  • Appropriate Electrical Service (30, 50 AMP)
  • Stable, Dry Flat Parking Surface
  • Access Or Keys To All Doors Including Entry Door And Storage Compartments
  • Refrigerator Needs To Be On 12 Hours For Proper Temperature
  • Preferably Sewage Hook-Up, But Not Mandatory


Reports are usually sent out within 24 hours. Fluid analysis can take up to 5-7 days, however a rush service option is available.

Internal parts depend on oils and coolants to remain stable between service intervals. Oil and coolant analysis tell you when your oils and coolants experience any signs of early breakdown or contamination. 

Not only does fluid sampling check them for signs of thermal breakdown, mechanical breakdown or contamination; but the lab can also check for any indication of internal part wear. 

Oil and coolant analysis allow you to detect anything that might need your attention long before they can result in road calls, expensive repairs or lost travel time.

The “hot skin” condition occurs in the RV when the frame is no longer at the same voltage potential as the earth around it. 

This usually happens when there’s an improper plug connection at an RV park or garage AC outlet.

A “hot-skin” can be caused by a nail or staple put in a wall that shorts a wire causing stray voltage to spread through the coach. It can also be caused by water somehow getting into something. 

The RV sits on rubber tires which keep the stray voltage locked into the coach and therefore, if during this time you were to touch the RV you could become the ground and potentially be electrocuted. 

This test is provided in all of our inspection packages but we also offer it as a stand-alone test as part of our maintenance checks.

Yes. If you decide to continue using our service. Second and third reports will be offered at a 20% discount.

We provide RV Inspections near Phoenix, AZ within a 50-mile radius of our current location in Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. Inspections within the 50-mile radius are included in the prices listed on our Inspection Services page.

Additional travel charges beyond the 50-mile radius will consist of a trip charge and $0.58/mile.

Note: Our final pricing is determined at contract execution and is based on the following:

  • Make, Year & Model of RV
  • Location of RV
  • Inspection Package
  • Fluid Analysis
  • There are many makes and models of RV’s sold throughout the country, many are similar in design but VERY different in features and accessories

Yes. We provide Fluid Analysis tests as an add-on service to your on-site RV Inspection, or as a stand alone service.

If you order a stand alone fluid test there will be a service call fee added to the price.  If the RV is out of our 50 mile radius then the trip charge and the 0.58 per/mile will apply.

If the Fluid Analysis test is added to an inspection there won’t be any additional fees added.

Due to insurance regulations, the inspector can’t drive the RV.  However, if the seller or dealer agrees to drive the RV, the inspector will be happy to ride along and observe and will note his findings on the inspection report.


Both mean that we come to the location of your RV.

We do the repairs on-site for your convenience so you don’t have to be inconvenienced with disconnecting or driving to a repair shop. You can stay in the comfort of your own RV.

  • Faster service than most RV repair shops
  • Appointments are usually scheduled within 1-3 days
  • Most repairs are completed within the first appointment (or on the second appointment if parts need to be ordered)
  • They are convenient.  No need to drive to and from a repair shop
  • No need to leave your RV at the repair shop 
  • We have you back on the road as quick as possible

It depends on how often you travel in your RV.  If you travel often, perhaps you are full-time, then your repair and maintenace needs will be different than someone who is using the RV for recreation only.  Some items require maintenace and check-ups every 3 – 6 months.  For all RV users 6-12 months.  Also, when it comes out of storage.

Please visit our Repairs & Maintenance page for more information.  Or, call us now and we’d be happy to assess your situation

CALL: 520 369-3131

There are several factors to consider:

  • The extent of the repair
  • The avialibilty of the parts needed (if they are not in stock)
  • Our schedule and location of the RV

Our goal is the have your RV problem diagnosed and repaired on the same day.  We work to ensure timely and efficient service. 


  • RV Parks
  • Customers’ Homes
  • RV Storage Facilities
  • Commercial Businesses 

We service the Greater Phoenix Area.  From Tucson to Flagstaff and all cities in-between.

Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, Apache Junction, Fountain Hills, Surprise, Sun City, Casa Grande & more.

Yes. Call and we’ll set up an appointment: 

CALL: 520 369-3131

Please call our office to schedule an appointment:

CALL: 520 369-3131
  • All service calls have a one-hour minimum charge for each call out 
  • Standard appointment hours are between 8am-5pm / Mon-Sat
  • After hours scheduling appointments are between 5pm-9pm / Mon-Sat
  • Sunday scheduling appointments are between 8am-5pm w/after hours 5-9pm
  • Holiday Appointments Available – State and Federal 
  • Emergency Service Available 

Additional travel charges beyond the 50-mile radius of our current location in Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 will consist of a trip charge and $0.58/mile.

Yes. We come to you. 

No. We currently do not work on the engine, drive train or transmission. We recommend that you contact a qualified RV mechanic.  

We do offer Fluid Analysis testing – Please visit our Inspections page to learn more about Fluid Analysis testing.

Yes.  We are Level 2 Certified with NRVIA.  

Please visit our Inspections page to learn more about our certified RV Inspections.

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