Recreational Vehicle Annual Maintenance Checklist

As a RV owner, among one of the most important points you can do to ensure your RV remains usable time after time is staying on top of routine maintenance. Regrettably, lots of RV’ers have no idea what kinds of things they should be doing in regard to Recreational Vehicle upkeep. Others may know what they need to do, yet really feel overwhelmed by it all.

If you fall into either of these groups, this is the short article for you. Listed below, we’ve assembled a RV maintenance list that is easy enough for anybody to follow.

Maintain these RV and trailer maintenance suggestions, and also you can feel confident you’ll be delighting in years of camping fun in your gear.

Pre-Travel Checklist

Undergo this brief as well as straightforward RV upkeep listing before every single trip in order to ensure your RV is prepared to hit the trail.

Look At The Tires Every Time You Fill Up The Gas

Avoiding blowouts is crucial for ensuring your safety and security while traveling with a RV. Consequently, you will wish to examine the stress of each tire as well as add air to any of the tires that may require it. Additionally, check for damage, making sure that no areas are used excessively, leaking, or revealing various other signs of damages.

Inspect Headlights and Brake Lighting

Brake lights and headlights are likewise important parts of taking a trip with safety in mind. See to it yours are in working order before each trip.

Clear Roofing of Any Particles

RV roofs tend to gather debris. Allowing this debris to sit can cause damage to the roof covering. It can likewise threaten others safety if it flies off the roof while traveling. Therefore, you will want to insure it’s clear before you leave on any trip.

Regular Monthly Recreational Vehicle Upkeep Tips

The following RV as well as travel trailer list consists of every little thing you’ll be required to do to your Recreational Vehicle on a month-to-month basis.

Drive Your RV

Axels and engines don’t do well when sitting still for long periods of time. Consequently, it’s a very good idea to get the RV and drive it at the very least once a month, even if you don’t have an actual trip prepared.

Run Your Generator

Gas can go bad when sitting still for too long, and generators do not like sitting idle for too lengthy of a period anyway. Avoid any type of issues by running your generator at least once or twice every single month.

Top off Batteries

Did you understand Motor Home batteries need to be filled up consistently? Make sure to examine the level of water in your batteries monthly as well as replenish with distilled water if the levels run low.

Maintain the AC System

Cooling systems have a tendency to become obstructed with time. Maintain yours in good working order by cleaning the vents, as well as cleaning or changing the filter at least monthly when the A/C remains in usage.

Always Look Under the Hood

RV owners need to take a look under the hood of their RV once a month or two to make certain there are no indicators of leaking which all clamps as well as pipes are securely attached.

Test Security and Safety Equipment

Test and clean your smoke alarm as well as carbon monoxide detector on a regular basis, and also replace batteries that need to be changed. Furthermore, you will certainly want to examine that your fire extinguisher is compliant and in the proper working order.

Search for Cracks

Stay clear of a Recreational Vehicle problem by examining around your gear for places bugs can gain access. Little pests only require an opening a quarter-inch, sometimes less, to enter your home-on-wheels, so look very closely for crevices and holes as well as fill them if you do find them.

Oil the Slides

Slides are wonderful things and great additional features to your RV. That being said, slides do require a little bit of continuous upkeep. You see, RV and travel trailer slideouts should be oiled from time to time to ensure they continue to pull in and also out smoothly.

Inspect Your Seals

Water leakages are a RV’s worst adversary. Avoid water and water damages by continuously examining your RV’s outside seals for locations where water may get in and filling any problem locations making use of Recreational Vehicle sealer.

Seasonal RV Upkeep Tips

The below listed tasks must be included in your Recreational Vehicle maintenance routine at least every 6 months.

Check and Also Replace RV Fluids

Your motorhome is just like any other car or truck. You will be required to change the oil once every 3,000 miles approximately and depending on how often you use the RV. While doing that, inspect the various other liquids and also filters as well as remove and maintain or top off anything that requires it.

Deep Clean

Ensure to deep clean your RV at least two times a year. Old food dropped under furnishings, unidentified water spills, as well as various other usual messes can create larger issues down the line, particularly if left while you have the RV in storage and not in use.

Clean and Wax

No one desires a dirty or dull-looking Recreational Vehicle. Keep it clean as well as looking great by giving it a thorough wash as well as wax two, maybe three times per year.

Know The Weight Of Your RV When Traveling

Having an overweight RV can be extremely hazardous. Because of this, it’s unbelievably vital to keep tabs on the weight of your rig, specifically if you’ll be including brand-new or added gear. Be consistent in weighing your RV a minimum of two times a year.

Treat Metals

Oiling metals and alloys that rub against each other assists maintain those points moving. This includes jacks, hitches, as well as fold-up stairs.

Annual Recreational Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Run through this RV maintenance list a minimum of once yearly to maintain your RV or trailer in good shape.

Service Brakes

Undoubtedly, you will certainly always wish to be watching your RV brakes. Nevertheless, provided no warnings are jumping out at you prior to the one-year mark, we suggest having your brakes serviced by a professional every twelve months or so.

Check Your Liquid Propane

Lp systems are an additional thing you’ll intend to be watching year-round. Nonetheless, challenging having the whole system examined once a year can truly aid you prevent having problems.

Reseal Outside of RV

We already stated checking seals on a regular basis above. Nevertheless, even if you do not discover any kind of apparent issues during those month-to-month reviews, resealing the exterior of your Recreational Vehicle annually is a good way to stop future leaks.

Keep Your Water Supply Clean

Nobody wants nasty water in their fresh storage tank. To prevent smelly or bad fresh water, tidy the system yearly. Just add a cup of bleach right into the fresh storage tank, fill it with safe and clean water, allow it to sit for a day before draining. Hereafter load the tank with portable water once more and also run the taps up until the bleach scent is gone.

Recreational Vehicle Maintenance Near Me

Much of the important things on this list can be done by Recreational Vehicle owners. That stated, there are some tasks that will require to be done by an expert. To find the right specialist in your location, we recommend calling us or visiting our website https://rvdirection.com or call 520 369-3131 to schedule us to come and assist with RV maintenance.

Recreational Vehicle Maintenance Expenses

If you choose to do most of your upkeep by yourself, the cost of RV upkeep shouldn’t be too much. Still, this is something you will certainly wish to include in your yearly spending plan to make certain there’s never ever any kind of stress when it comes time to care for your small home-on-wheels.

Smoke Detector

Outfit your Motor Home with working fire safety innovation, including a dual-sensor smoke alarm.

Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

Set up a carbon monoxide gas detector as well as make certain it always has fresh batteries

Fire Extinguisher

Maintain several updated Class B/C fire extinguishers on board

First Aid Set

Have a package with bandages, gauze, Neosporin and Advil or Tylenol to help take care of minor injuries that might occur on the road


Clear signage in case of a crash keeps you safe up until help shows up

Make sure you follow this checklist and maintain your RV as it’s needed.

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